Kamon - The family crest is a graphic design,
conveying history of a family to the people in the present and also in the future.


About MON

"MON" has two meanings.

  1. "MON", coming from the Japanese word "Kamon=family crest"
  2. "Mon" is the word which means "myself, my own" in French

Nishijin, a part of Kyoto, known as the origin of Nishijin-Ori (Nishijin brocade), is not a town only for textile workshops, but also a variety of workshops related to Japanese Kimono such as braid workshops, yarn dyeing workshops, yuzen workshops. And various craftsmen, such as textile craftsmen, tailors for Kimono and bag craftsmen gathered and collaborated all together for the kimono industry throughout this area.

As the kimono industry declined due to change of general lifestyle, we started MON in town of Nishijin for supporting the traditional industries creatively. MON's main concept is to create products by using the traditional tools and techniques of craftsmen through Kamon as the basic theme.

For example, MON accessories are made by bag craftsmen. We use braided or Nishijin brocade as a material for bags and these materials can be also purchased at our local workshops. By using the pattern of Kamon, we will continue to produce items "Made in Kyoto" and "Made in Nishijin" which are created by craftsmen with their traditional knowledge, equipment and techniques. We believe that Mon can be a platform for our precious traditions to the future.

Kazumi Yamakura

About the designer -- Kazumi Yamakura

Director of "DESIGN & PLANNING Co."

Designing in various fields(Textile Graphics)
Management/Branding of MON for producing and whole selling
Please ask us for consulting OEM (textile design, etc.) product / novelty goods production etc..

Career / MON's history

Joined the Japan Design Service Co., Ltd. (Kanebo Co., Ltd. Design Studio/Osaka Branch office)
Assigned to export department (Destination: Australia, USA, Hawaii, Middle East, Australia etc.)
Moved to the Fashion Research Institute (Tokyo), then became an freelancer and established own design office

2002Joined kimono manufacturer, working in the product development & design planning department
Person in charge of branding of each plan and designer brands
2004Won COAK Award and Award of Excellence by the Fashion Research Promotion Association
2006Announcement: launch of the our new brand “MON” at KYOTO STYLE CAFE 2006 (Layunne Harajuku)
2006Won a prize at the Kyoto style gift competition
2007Participated in DxD Kyoto Project
Collaboration between traditional industries and designers
2007Exhibited at KYOTO STYLE CAFE 2007
2007Participated in Collaboration(Talent) Bank of Traditional Industry in Kyoto as a member of a designers group
2009“ZABU SHION”: announcement of its launch at KYOTO STYLE CAFÉ 2009
2009“ZABUSION” is introduced at the “Sugure-Mono” corner of the program "Kyo bizW" broadcasted by KBS Kyoto
2009MON was introduced in “Kyoto Life”, a program of KBS Kyoto
2009MON's items, featured in “Otona-tabi, Aruki-tabi” program of TV Osaka
2009MON's card case introduced in the program of JR Tokai “Let's go to Kyoto”
2011MON's Gamaguchi(purse) introduced in Mapuru Magazine featuring Kyoto
2011MON , featured in "Shuhari" published by Maria Shobo's
2011MON, featured in a booklet issued by the Japan Tourism Agency to introduce traditional crafts to foreigners "Kyoto Greatest Souvenirs".
2012Introduced in the program "Pojipojitamago" of KBS Kyoto
2012Introduced on "eo Hikari TV"
2012MON's Zabushon, introduced in “Lifestyle 365”
2012Exhibited at Fashion Canter (Kyoto Station Building)
2013Exhibited at Tokyo Big Sight Gift Show (at the booth of Uji Chamber of Commerce)
2013Exhibited at "Imadoki Kyoto"
2014Exhibited at Tokyo Big Sight Gift Show
2015Held a monthly sales event on the 25th of each month in Kamishichiken/Kyoto


MON patent trademark: No.5236144, No.5115828, No.5115743

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MON patent trademark: No.5236144, No.5115828, No.5115743